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Digital Branding

A brand should be rightly communicated in the channels that are most relevant for the customers. And in many cases, it’s the company website and app services that are initially and most frequently used platforms. So, in this case the product website and mobile app must personify a strong brand image.

The most often used style guidelines include aspects such as product logo, color and font for a particular brand but is it enough? The answer is there is more to branding than minimal portfolio aspects.

The constantly used visual designs in print is often about getting attention and standing out among the users, while visual design in a digital context is about leading the way and guiding people to make decisions. The digital context is often interactive and demands a lot more than just regular aspects because of its constantly evolving nature.

Here, the user really needs to know where to click and hence, navigation becomes particularly essential to direct the user towards a smooth and pleasant journey. Some of the questions you must ask are:

Do you have a color palette that supports alerts, warnings and rewards?

Do you have a recognizable visual expression to enforce your brand?

Are your brand guidelines accessible?

Branding and UX designers are inseparable forces and Big Drop makes sure that the product builds upon these challenges to achieve the brand goals in order to provide better product understanding and experience among users.

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