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Some All-Stars We've Worked With

Asian Adventures

The Company:
Asian Adventures is a 24 year old Eco tour company in India. They have been the pioneer in wildlife tourism specializing in nature, adventure and responsible tourism. Asian Adventures’ diversified tours redefine travel and takes customers to stunning landscapes, spectacular wildlife, different and exotic cultures, spiritual journeys and offbeat getaways.

The Need:
Specializing in tourism and hospitality, Asian Adventures has a lot of websites to manage. So they needed a highly technical team that could ensure that the websites that are quick to load, responsive to any device, and have good online presence.

The Solution:
Big Drop Technologies used AWS technologies to deploy the websites on Cloud. The websites were properly optimized for all search engines, and connected with Google Analytics to track the changes in its social presence. The websites were created on a minimal theme to ensure that they could load on any kind of internet connection.

Just Rokket

The Company:
Just Rokket is an education-based startup that helps students get connected to the scholarships provided by universities all over India. Lots of students are unaware of the specific scholarships that are provided by these universities due to the lack of information available online.

The Need:
Just Rokket required a modern learning solution on a user-friendly platform that would allow a student to search for all the colleges in India and the scholarships they provide, and filter them according to their preferences.

The Solution:
The platform that the BD team came up with included all the functionalities required by Just Rokket. The website allowed students to create accounts or login using social media accounts and input their information. This information helped Just Rokket come up with suggestions for the students on ideal scholarships for them. The students are further able to look for scholarships, filtering accordingly based on preferences, and get detailed information. Finally, a payment gateway was also implemented for the students to pay their registration fees for the selected college.

Master Networker Program

The Company:
Master Networker Program (MNP) ensures that each participant develops effective networking skills, solves individual as well as business specific networking challenges and develops and implements a long term networking strategy.

The Need:
MNP required a platform which would be able to integrate networking functionalities into daily activities of the user, track their progress and help them understand and guide to work on future steps.

The Solution:
Big Drop Technologies built with a custom CRM platform on Python/Django/JavaScript for MNP where an individual could not only network with other users, but also track how much return they were getting from each of them. BD incorporated smart learning into the platform as well to better understand user activity and further personalize their experience.

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