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Big Drop understands that the need for professional support doesn’t end when the app is released – that’s just the beginning. We also understand that over half of the costs that goes behind an app ownership is due to the maintenance costs incurred over time. New iOS or Android versions get released regularly, bugs come up, new features need to get built – we help clients through this journey. Keeping clients business running smoothly is our main objective.

Mobile App Maintenance as a Service (MAMaaS)

To simplify things for you and to take the pain out of your mobile application development and maintenance process, Big Drop offers MAMaaS, Mobile App Maintenance as a Service. And as the name indicates, we take the approach and attitude of nurturing your app to success. We look after –

  • Minor, incremental and major enhancements
  • Minor and major upgrades, and additions
  • Bug fixing and corrective maintenance
  • Performance enhancement & operational level support
Website Maintenance

Our website maintenances services help in maximize the uptime of the website by removal of bugs and incompatibility in the existing code and resolving day-to-day technical issues, including working with your Cloud service provider. We include all of the services that you may require in order to ensure both the short and long-term success of your business.

Our technicians assist your users via phone, remote session, or office visits. We handle all updates, antivirus, security, and monitoring for you. You’ll know your systems are healthy every single day.

A website is not intended to be static but to be maintained with current information, new offerings, and services. We assume that you will want to revise some or all of your web pages over time, as well as adding additional web pages according to your business needs. To assist you in maintaining current information online, we offer several options for website maintenance.

Application Maintenance Services

As part of the application maintenance services, we offer various support models. However, before offering any support model, we talk to you to understand your needs and requirement and if required, customize the model suitably to ensure that we offer a service that fulfills your needs.

Annual Maintenance Contract

This includes technical support, bug fixing, and corrective maintenance, minor and major version upgrades, etc.

Full-Time Employee

Dedicated support staff for major and minor enhancements including changes related to scalability, security, additional scope, architectural and performance issues, etc.

Customized Support

In this model, you define the scope of work you have planned, and Big Drop will deliver services as per the agreed upon scope

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