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Looking for a custom app for your business growth? Planning to create the foundation of an active workforce? Whether it is a calendar application that deals with your workforce tasks or an application to get instant information on sales force, Big Drop Technologies will help you analyze your requirements to understand the platform that would best serve your needs and requirements. Application purpose could vary from increasing sales, targets, customer satisfaction and internal communication, etc.

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Enterprise Resource Planning
Your business might need an ERP system if you various software, if your accounting is taking too long or IT is too complicated. ERP systems streamline information-gathering processes by compiling all the different software of a company into a single system.
Customer Relationship Management
A CRM helps you organise, automate and synchronise all of the customer facing areas within your company: from marketing to sales to customer service to technical support.
Content Management System
A CMS can help if you run a large website and make regular updates.
Learning Management System
An LMS can help coaches, schools, and educational bodies take their programs online, with customized experiences for their participants.

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