Wire Frames and Mock-ups bring together one solution among many options.Despite their similarities, both wireframes and mockups have their own unique significance in web and mobile design process. Wireframes aim to help represent what goes where in a design, without the design team having to spend too much time on the details. It’s a simpler strategic model which is then put to action by creating device based Mock-up’s.

We provide you with the best design solution to prototype feature-specific mobile apps, websites, web products and/or enterprise software, and more. With our amazing collection of pre-designed UI tools we begin prototyping right away.

The next step is to quickly take your design to the next level, by converting your wire-frames into interactive mock-ups. Big Drop allows you to share and test designs that run on real devices, and make your mobile wireframe look and feel like the end product application to achieve sense of complete real world experience.

We help you define Wireframes and Share the details for meaningful customer feedback. A single click will let you publish and share your entire wireframe experience online and get feedback and reviews from users and customers.

Wire Frames can save time in multiple ways:

More Calculated Designs via Research

Necessary Product Understanding

Clearer Content Creation

Saves on assimilating Hacks in long term

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